Why H3?

  • Comprehensive Cover plans at affordable rates
  • Unique Private Casualty Cover
  • Same day referral service
  • No need to wait to be referred by your GP
  • Claims advocacy and booking service
  • A local provider with a world-class service
  • Easy switching for company schemes

See what others have to say about H3 Insurance

  • Overall we are delighted with our choice of private healthcare provider and are proud to be supporting our local economy.
    Mr Peter McMahon, NITEC Solutions Ltd
  • Staff feedback has been very positive highlighting the process as being quick, simple, efficient, and managed by local people who know the local medical specialists.
    Mr Peter McMahon, NITEC Solutions Ltd
  • We were impressed by the added value a local provider brought to the service. A major saving was the ability to get a same day referral without staff taking time off to see their GP.
    Mr Peter McMahon, NITEC Solutions Ltd
  • It was wonderful that I did not have to visit my GP as an H3 customer. I simply phoned H3 direct, and within 24 hours I was consulted by a specialist. The time saved and support I received was a real bonus.
    Mr Leo Callow, Lisburn
  • As a company, we couldn't be happier with the excellent customer service we receive from H3. They always go out of their way to help us and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.
    John Lunn, John H Lunn (Jewellers) Ltd