Paddy Wallace's 7 big Talking Points this week….

  1. When you have a semi final and possible final ahead of you the team manager has to make a decision – go for the win – or get ready for the next match. It seems that Neil Doak has made that decision. The team for tomorrow is a team for next week’s match too.



  1. Glasgow are second in the Guinness Pro 12. In the last three weeks we have played Leinster, Munster and now Glasgow, all at the top of the League – so keeping people fit in that intense schedule is a challenge itself. When I played, I remember that it was always in your mind when you were coming to the end of a competition, hoping that you wouldn’t get injured, but always wanting to win.



  1. Ian Henderson’s red card was rightly, in my opinion, rescinded. There are always going to be times when players appear to be in the wrong, when in fact they have been in the heat of competition. It is good for Ian and for Ulster, as he is fast becoming one of our top players.


  1. We will be playing in Glasgow both this and next weekend if we don’t scrape a home semi final. It is always a great place to play, full of atmosphere, and the Scots are always up for it. With the SNP winning almost all the seats in the election, they may be out to prove even more.


  1. Our tactics and approach this week may be very different than next. The element of surprise is always part of coaching to win. We want to meet them next week with a few moves up our sleeves, so will not be revealing everything this time in Glasgow.



  1. Even though we are playing with a much changed team, we still want a fit squad next week. Neil Doak will want to have choices, so the fewer the injuries the better.



  1. It’s that time of the season when all the work of the previous nine months comes to fruition. Winning is wonderful, and losing is pretty terrible, for both the players and the supporters, so here’s hoping that we go all the way.



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