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It is almost a year since I retired officially from competitive rugby, and I have been kept pretty busy with my Paddy Wallace Rugby Academy, media commitments, which I am enjoying and hope you are too. I have also set up a new agency to work with current and upcoming players.

There has been a more conscious effort to look after my health post rugby. Without the structured rugby/gym sessions in my life now the onus falls on me to make sure I maintain some sort of exercise routine.

Paddy Wallace Fitness

I play 5 aside during the week with old school friends which gives me the chance to get a sweat up and more importantly kick someone and get kicked myself. The physical contact is something that I strangely miss. The knee can be a bit sore the next day but it’s well worth it.

I have also signed the family up to a local gym so I can make use of that when I can and also take the kids, PJ and Leila swimming. So no excuse for the post rugby beer belly!

My diet, which was never the best, is something that I’ve had to take more control of since I’ve left professional sport. I bought my wife Tina a NutriBullet for Christmas and it has helped no end. A healthy smoothie or some protein pancakes is a great way to start your day off.

I also got to go skiing for the first time in 20 yrs last week. It is a sport that is forbidden in our playing contracts but one that I loved before rugby got serious. It really tested my knee having undergone a reconstruction 2 years ago but it held up to the challenge and after 20 mins of icing it in my hotel I was ready for the Après Ski!

Keeping fit can be a challenge, but the best thing to do is establish a habit. It is too easy to let the TV or tablet keep you sitting on the sofa. The hardest thing is not the actual exercise, but the get up and go to take yourself to the gym, out for a run or a brisk walk, or to the pool.

Put exercise in your diary and make an appointment with your own fitness. It is one way to remind yourself of how important it is.

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