Insurance with Impact, how health insurance can help the bottom line.

H3 Insurance

It is difficult to put insurance payments against a return on investment figure, but with the growing pressure on the National Health Service, combined with the difficulty in getting and keeping skilled staff, H3 Health insurance can have a direct impact on your profitability.

Northern Ireland is an SME economy. Most companies have ten or fewer people, and that means that each person has a higher impact on the performance of the business than a large business that can cover an absence more easily. So getting people back to work is important for the delivery of your products or service.

It is pretty much guaranteed that there will be a proportion of your workforce that play sport. This is something that you should encourage and facilitate, as exercise is good for the body and the mind. There is a down side as well. Almost every sport can result in injury, from the obvious clash of bodies in a rugby tackle, to the pulling of a muscle or wrench of the back playing the more sedate game of golf.

Driving a car is the most dangerous thing that most of us do every day, and even a small accident can result in a person being laid up for a time that can impact on your business. Even sitting at a desk can cause people to have problems with their health.

Illness can come out of the blue, and can result in short or long term absence, but can also have an impact of it is a member of staff’s family, creating need for leave. Stress can result in lowering of performance levels.

All of the above will create problems for the management of a company. If the person needs to go through NHS procedures, the waiting time alone can cause issues and result in lengthy time away from work. Other insurance policies can require a visit to the GP, again putting time between the patient and treatment.

It has been by looking at how to help small businesses in the local market that H3, in conjunction with 3FiveTwo Healthcare and Kingsbridge Private Hospital, has created health insurance policies that meet SME requirements.

The H3 policy does not require a visit to or referral from a GP. Our team answer the phone, take the information required, and arrange the appointment with the relevant consultant. If your workforce are covered by a company policy, you will be safe in the knowledge that your employee will be seen within 3 working days. All the follow up procedures will not have long waiting times attached, being carried out in a timely manner.  It has a direct effect, getting people fit and ready to resume work

If you put the cost of the insurance against that of the potential loss or damage to the performance of your business, we are confident that you will see that an H3 Insurance policy is an investment which will produce a return.