How self-employed health insurance saves you time and money

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ne of the most common concerns cited by the self-employed is the fear, stress and financial uncertainty that go along with taking any time off work.


We’ve all heard the expression “time is money” and when it comes to being self-employed, that rings especially true. Taking time off work through injury or illness can result in having to turn work away or not meeting a deadline in time, affecting your revenue, potentially risking working relationships and your reputation.
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How to minimise lost time & get treated faster

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Simply taking time off to visit the GP can become expensive and time consuming.  Speeding up the process with Private Health Insurance could reduce the risks and help you save money.

A same day referral service means you can skip queues, get treated and can start processing any insurance claims sooner.

Increased pressure on the NHS in recent years has put a strain on A&E departments and seen an increase in waiting times.

In June 2014, 38% of all NHS outpatients were waiting more than 9 weeks for a first appointment.

Private health insurance for self-employed people means you can reduce the time you spend waiting in NHS A&E departments.  For minor injuries such as fractures or sprains you can be seen within minutes at the Kingsbridge Private Hospital in Belfast.

Much of the work force in Northern Ireland can take advantage of sick leave that they can use if they require time off.  However those who are self-employed must rely on a Statutory Sick Pay of just £88.45 per week.  For many this will not cover their outgoings.  In a recent study of self-employed tradespeople around 47% believe that ill health had impacted their income ‘significantly’.   Due to fears about cost, self-employed people may avoid visiting their doctor until they have no other option, which can lead to further health worries.

With private health insurance, you get fast access to leading consultants, tests and scans, therapies and surgery which may reduce the amount of time you require off work.  The sooner your health concerns are addressed, the sooner you can receive treatment and recover so that you are fit for work again.

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