H3 Health Insurance is not a luxury

Health Insurance. Two words that can create an emotional response, either positive or negative depending on the experience of the reader. Health insurance is an entry point for private health treatment, which was sometimes perceived as the preserve of the wealthy, but in the 21st Century that is no longer the case, it is dependent more on choice than cost.

Kingsbridge private casuality

Private health insurance policies can be taken out by anyone over the age of eighteen, and can be for individuals or families. Like any insurance policy the cost will be dependent on a number of key points. Age and health history are the most important, and will have the most impact on a health insurance policy.

It is our experience that the actual cost and the cost expectations are usually miles apart. A recent quote for a H3 Rapid Health policy for a young lady, aged 24, in work with no major health problems in the past was less than £20, rising to £27 per month for more comprehensive cover. Set these costs against other ways to spend money, such as an iPhone contract or Sky TV subscription and you can see the value for yourselves.

With a H3 Health Insurance Policy you become our client, and get treated as such by our team. You don’t even need to wait to be referred by your GP. You can just call us and we start progressing your claim right away. Our local team will source the best specialists and book appointments for you to ensure that you don’t have the hassle of managing the claim yourself. H3 Health Insurance has direct access to the Private Casualty at the five star Kingsbridge Private Hospital on the Lisburn Road in Belfast, which means that for emergencies (excluding head traumas, chest and heart) you will get seen straight away. .

The rising population, growing age profile and increase in the ability to treat illness all has been putting more pressure on the NHS. Having Health Insurance can help reduce that pressure. If you are attending the Private Casualty, or seeing a consultant during his private hours you are not adding to the workload of the NHS.

The cost of a H3 Health Insurance policy is not prohibitive. You can decide to choose a policy that is best for your circumstances, at a cost that suits you. It is your decision, but it is worth looking at the benefits.