We know that when it comes to your children, there is nothing more important than their health.

With that in mind, H3’s cover for kids enables your child to get access to private medical specialists, diagnostic tests, facilities and treatment without unnecessary delay. Our low-cost cover for kids is the most comprehensive children’s policy in the UK, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that your child will be well looked after when they need help.

The great news is that you don’t even need to wait to be referred by your GP. You can just call us and we start progressing your child’s claim right away. Our local team will source the best specialists and book appointments for you to ensure that you don’t have the hassle of managing the claim yourself.

Our cover for kids also includes our unique Private Casualty cover. So when your child has a bump, cut or injury, they can be seen within minutes in the 5 star luxury surroundings of Kingsbridge Private Hospital, Belfast.

Treatment as a Day Patient or Inpatient

Cover BenefitCover ProvidedSummary of What This Covers
Hospital FeesFull CoverOperating theatres, dressings, accommodation & meals, etc.
Specialist/Consultant feesFull Coversurgeon, Anaesthetist and Physician fees
Diagnostic TestsFull CoverTests and scans carried out whilst in hospital


Treatment as an Outpatient

Cover BenefitCover ProvidedSummary of What This Covers
Specialist/Consultant Fees£1,200Surgeon, Anaesthetist and Physician fees
MRI, PET, CT scansFull CoverMRI, PET, CT Scans are covered in full as an Outpatient
Diagnostic Tests£1,200Tests such as ultrasounds, X-Rays and blood tests
Therapies£1,200Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, osteopathy, etc
Policy Limit as an Outpatient£1,200p to £1,200 per year for the above Outpatient treatment


Additional Benefits

Cover BenefitCover ProvidedSummary of What This Covers
Parental AccommodationUp to age 161 parent in the same hospital/nearby hotel
Pregnancy ComplicationsA range of pregnancy related complications
Home Nursing£3,000Following authorised Inpatient/Day Patient treatment
NHS Cash Benefit£50 per day (£1,000 limit)Paid if you have elected to be treated for free on NHS
Same-Day Specialist Referral ServiceTelephone/face-to-face triage service to avoid delays
Private Casualty for Minor InjuriesPrivate treatment for a range of minor injuries


Cancer Treatment

Cover BenefitCover Provided
Hospital Fees
Specialist/Consultant Fees
Diagnostic Tests
Private Drugs
Residential Palliative Care
NHS Oncology Cash Benefit£150 for each Oncology Treatment (max. of £3,500 per year)

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