5 ways to get your pets involved in your exercise routine

Does your pet have a habit of getting in the way when you’re trying to exercise at home?  Do you often admit defeat and give your pet the attention it craves rather than your work out?  It’s time to get your pet involved.

The great thing about these exercises is that you can do them with most pets…rabbits, cats, dogs. The bigger the pet, the harder the workout!  We wouldn’t however recommend trying any of the below with a fish.

Chest Press

Literally make your pet part of the action.  Switch your weights for the cat.  Win, Win.  You can’t trip over the cat if he or she is in your arms and we are sure your cat will be amused the comical view

.Animal Exercises Chest Press

Modified push up

Take your push up to the next level.  The added weight of your pet will have you pushing harder and getting stronger faster.



If your pet is in a cuddly mood he’ll love this move as much as you!  Simply do your squats as usual but instead of being tripped up by your moggie, you’ll get the benefits of carrying the extra weight.


Skull crushers

Using your cat instead of your regular weights will force you to focus more on this move for maximum impact.



If you’re more a fan of yoga than weights or squats that no excuse not to get your pet involved.  Improve your core stability while balancing with a wriggly pet in your arms.


Who knows maybe someday your pet will be inspired and join in.


On a serious note we all know keeping active is crucial to having a healthy heart. Don’t let your pets or any other distractions stop you keeping fit.  There’s always time to fit a brisk walk or a quick tabata session into your day.  And if you really like the idea of getting your pets involved try running up and down stairs with your dog or doing sit-ups with torches in your hand so your cat can chase the light.