Why Private Health Insurance makes a difference…

Private health insurance

Living in the United Kingdom means that every citizen has access to free health care though the National Health Service. The NHS is a fantastic organisation, but with the growing population in the UK, and the success in extending the life expectancy of the population, the demands on the service are increasing.

By investing in H3 Health Insurance, you will be able to reduce the pressure on the NHS, while also being able to benefit from access to private medical care.

This includes –

  • Not going on an NHS waiting list
  • Consultations with the relevant Consultant within a few days
  • Being treated in a Private Hospital (for example Kingsbridge Private Hospital in Belfast)
  • Help with all your arrangements for appointments though the H3 service, and no need for a referral from a GP.
  • Choice of the Consultant that you would like to meet
  • Private Casualty Cover, if in the Greater Belfast area.

Private insurance will not cover you for every eventuality. Our colleagues in the NHS are there for more serious accident or emergency needs, and some serious long term illnesses, but all elements of a policy will be explained when you ask for a quotation.

These benefits are not all about avoiding waiting lists. This is about you being able to get back up to speed with your health as soon as possible, This can mean getting back to work, getting a child back to school, being able to exercise to get fit again, and to live your life as you would like. Being able to get treated and to recover quickly, you can enhance your life in many ways.