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Health insurance can be a confusing business and it can be difficult to find the information you need in a format you can understand.

We have therefore provided the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below and we have friendly staff happy to answer any questions you might have which are not covered here, simply call us on 02890 469990.

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What is Health Insurance?

‘Health Insurance (also known as Private Health Insurance, Private Medical Insurance or PMI) is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for ‘acute conditions’ that start after your policy begins. An acute condition is a disease, illness or injury that is likely to respond quickly to treatment that aims to return you to the state of health you were in immediately before suffering the disease, illness or injury, or which leads to your full recovery.’


What is covered?

  • High speed access to consultants, tests and scans, therapies and surgery.
  • Cancer treatment
At H3 Health Insurance we also offer the below range of unique services

  • Unique Minor Injuries Cover – why wait for hours in A&E when you can be seen within minutes?*
  • Claims administration and booking service to remove the hassle of managing your own claim.
  • Same day referral service for all claims – no need to wait to be referred by your GP.*

*If chosen as an optional benefit

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What is not covered?

Like most Private Health Insurance policies, H3 Health Insurance cannot cover pre-existing medical conditions along with other long-term treatments and monitoring of chronic conditions. Further details of what is not covered can be found in our Policy Wording.

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How to make a claim

The easiest way to make a claim is to call our dedicated claims team on 02890 469994. However you can also fill out a claim form on our website by clicking here.